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Press Releases
Press releases are listed in reverse chronological order.
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Release Date Summary
Aug 2014 Anadigm® releases 2014 update of AnadigmDesigner®2, The leading EDA Tool to Support Dynamically Reconfigurable Field Programmable Analog Arrays.
May 2014 Anadigm Announces the End of Life and last time buy plan for all 5v FPAA's (AN221E04, AN220E04, AN121E04 and AN120E04). Customer requirement needed before 31May2014, forcasted product requirments will be Scheduled for deliveies through 2016.
Oct 2013 We are considering the addition of a “Customer Successes” page to this website, If you have successfully used an FPAA, would you like to submit and overview ……..
Jan 2012 Application Note Library
New organization and webpage presentation for Application Notes.
Dec 2010 AnadgmApex (AN231E04) device Rauch filter component calculation tool

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