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Take control of your analog destiny using the power and flexibility of Dynamically Programable Analog Signal Processor (dpASPs) from Anadigm®

Anadigm®'s breakthrough technology brings the same level of abstraction to analog design that FPGAs/DSPs have been offering to the digital designer for years.
  • Easily replace your existing discrete based circuit with a single dpASP and achieve higher accuracy and drift free performance over temperature
  • Dynamic re-configurability of the dpASP enables your analog circuits to adapt to changes in environmental and operating conditions real-time
  • Create a standardized platform that can support multiple products by simply programming the dpASP with the appropriate analog circuit at the point of manufacture or installation.
  • Update your analog circuit remotely or under S/W control eliminating costly production line changes or after your product is in the field
  • Connect multiple analog sensors to a single dpASP and provide signal chains appropriate for each

You can work at a functional level , and base your design on pre-qualified software and hardware components that allow you to create complex analog circuits in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional discrete components.

Not only will your design time be drastically reduced, you can add new features that you never dreamed possible.

When working with dpASPs, you build your circuit with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface of our AnadigmDesigner® EDA tool, then download your design to the dpASP chip for validation and testing.

Look at these key benefits to this new analog design methodology:

  • Shorten time to market by reducing analog design complexity
    • Work at a higher level functional level instead of low level components
    • You can be testing analog hardware in a few days
  • Differentiate your products with dynamic re-configurability
    • Design products that adapt to their environment (auto-ranging, auto-calibration, automatic gain control, etc)
    • Design products that change functionality sequentially over time (multiple operating modes)
  • Future-proof your designs
    • Allows updates of analog functions in the field or on the production line
    • Consolidation and standardization of board designs that can be utilized across multiple products
    • Reduce the cost and complexity of system calibration in production and in the field
  • Implement high accuracy analog circuits in your products
    • Achieves 0.1% functional accuracy
    • Chip to chip accuracy ± 0.1%
    • Drift free performance immune to process, temperature and aging

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