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Anadigm's Technology - Short and Simple

dpASP (dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor) or FPAA (Field Programmable Analog Array) Integrated circuit (IC) devices and AnadigmDesigner2 software.

The dpASP IC’s (the newest being the AN231E04), have been described as “Analog FPGA’s”, this is almost accurate, the device an Analog IC containing an architecture which can be programmed or configured with 100's of different parameterizable Analog blocks (CAMs) using one or more from a total of 8 configurable OpAmp's, 4 comparator’s, 4 I/O OpAmps and some extra bits per device (see datasheet's for full details).

The underlying technology onto which we program or configure the Analog functional blocks (CAM's - configurable Analog Modules) is composed of physical OpAmp's, switches, capacitors and virtual resistor (switched capacitors). With our patented architecture it is possible to build many different OpAmp circuits using the same hardware.

The configuration is sent to the device at circuit power-up and is stored locally to the OpAmps using bytes of SRAM memory - total device memory is only 620 bytes (only one third of this is used if building a filter). An entire circuit can be configured in a few mille-seconds, circuit updates (re-configuration of parameters or wires) take 10's of microseconds. Continual updating is fast enough to emulate a real time sweep of many Analog paramters

To build a circuit for use on Anadigm Technology one must use our software AnadigmDesigner2 (this is available from our website free of charge). This software is windows compatible and starts with a simple graphical interface, which one uses to place CAMs and wire them together. Once a circuit is designed the Software tool can generate simple static configuration data (e.g. a 200byte text (Hex] file) and/or, it will automatically generate "dynamic configuration data" in the form of configuration text files or c-code. Dynamic configuration - a device is first programmed with a primary circuit (e.g. 8th order bandpass filter). there after small amounts of configuration data can be sent to the device to modify that circuits parameters (e.g. change the gain, corner frequency or Q-factor of a filter).

To aid early stage designer we offer a development kit which when power on and connected to a computer running Anadigmdesigner2 enables instant prototyping of any circuit created in AnadigmDesigner2. You can overwrite or partially update your circuit as often as you wish.

Finally, With AnadigmDesigner2 there are "Tools", the most popular tool is named "AnadigmFilter", this is a graphical filter design tool, it offers basic number entry for a filter and displays the response (frequency, phase and delay in the time domain and an a pole zero plot). All aspects of the graphical plots can be moved with a mouse to modify the filter response. Instant feedback is provided displaying the number of OpAmp's needed and their parameters. When you have reach a graphical plot of the filter you require, one click of the mouse will create this circuit within AnadigmDesigner2 and parameterize all the Biquad and Bilinear stages used.

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