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The Anadigm University Program

If you're a faculty member or a graduate degree candidate at an accredited college or university, you can obtain Anadigm development kits at a discount.

You can order a single-board University Pack for your own research or 10-pack kits for classroom teaching purposes. The components of each kit are detailed below.

AnadigmApex (3.3volts) 10-Board University Pack (AN231K04-DVLP3u)
University Price $1,800.00

Order AnadigmApex University Development Pack now

  • AnadigmDesigner®2 Software License
  • 10 AnadigmVortex University Edition Development Boards
  • Documentation CD
  • Quick Start Reference Guide and Development Board User Manual
  • 10 Serial Cables

AnadigmVortex (5.0volts) 10-Board University Pack (AN221K04-DVLP2u)
The 5 volt AnadigmVortex Family of FPAA's are being discontinued.
Discounted price $999.00 while stocks last.

Order AnadigmVortex University Development Pack now

Anadigm® University Pack Program Details

  • Anadigm® University Packs are available exclusively to qualified college and university faculty members and graduate students.
  • Anadigm® provides these kits directly to qualified members of the academic community. Please do not contact Anadigm® distributors/sales reps regarding these kits.
  • To keep prices low for educational uses, technical support is not included with University Packs. If you anticipate that our technical support will be indispensable, we recommend that you purchase a standard evaluation/developer kit.
  • Anadigm® does not provide discounts on actual devices and daughter cards. These are available only from our distributors. To purchase these, please click here
  • Some universities have asked us for advice on selecting sockets for use with AnadigmVortex FPAAs. While we do not sell sockets, you may find the following information useful in obtaining them from other suppliers:
    • AnadigmVortex FPAAs are packaged in a 10 mm x 10 mm x 2 mm QFP (Quad Flat Pack). The lead length is 1.6 mm and the package footprint is 13.2 mm See the datasheet for more details.
    • Two sockets which work with the evaluation board are available from Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation: the OTQ-44-0.8-02 pen-top style zero insertion force socket and the FPQ-44-0.8-16A clamshell socket.
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